Celebrating sustainable futures.
Proud to Work Together, residents of the areas surrounding and in the City of Barrie are in the development of the 2nd Annual Ecofest Barrie project.A True Celebration & Collaboration between community organizations, citizens and businesses whose focus is to move more cautiously, hand in hand, into a brighter future.

The Ecofest Barrie Project is now expanding into a 2 day Festival at Heritage Park with its well treed and flowered setting…truly a walkers’ paradise and a beautiful waterfront day for the family.

Respect, care for, and work with community
Improve every being’s quality of life through our actions

Conserve Earth’s vitality and diversity
Minimize the depletion of non-renewable resources

Offer options for change of personal attitudes and practices

When sharing in the beauty of our Planet Earth, remember that everything we create has a past, a present, and a future. Measure its term, its value and its path responsibly.

“The message of a cleaner, healthier and longer lasting Earth is best carried through the diversity of music, art, and cultural expression. In this way, history must repeat itself.” Doug Pettigrew, Producer

In Partnership with City of Barrie and the people of all communities and organizations who share the responsibility of the future of our Northern Communities and the Earth. We invite further collaboration.

Contact: producer@ecofestbarrie.ca


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