Sustainable, Organic and Charitable in Barrie

May 5, 2011 at 11:22 am Leave a comment defines the word ‘sustainable’ as “capable of being maintained at a steady level without exhausting natural resources or causing severe ecological damage

A quick look at the Back to Basics Social Developments website and the word sustainable immediately comes to mind. What started out as an urban farming project has turned into an array of sustainable offerings including abike courier service, a “Green Team” lawn care division that offers organic fertilizer, landscaping, and handyman services, bio-diesel co-op as well as a proposition for a self-sufficient low-income housing development.

Organic Community Garden

In 2010 Back to Basics charity garden yielded 15,000 lbs. of food. Over the past 2 years they have grown an impressive 27,000 lbs of organic produce and have also taught organic gardening to over 100 volunteers.  This year 8 new gardens are planned to be spread out over Barrie and Toronto. Their goal, as it has been for the last 2 years, is to donate as much organic produce to local aid organizations as possible. These organizations include: the David Busby Street Centre, the Salvation Army, the Grocery Assistance Program, and the Youth Haven.

Founder and organizer Andrew Miller is not keeping his formula for success a secret. On their website he encourages others to start-up community gardens and even highlights how he has gone about obtaining funding for his projects;

We would love to see more charity garden projects pop up across the country. Every town and city could benefit from supplying healthy, wholesome food to the people that need it most. In our mission to enlarge this project, Back to Basics Social Developments is currently applying for funding from environmental and social grant agencies. If you are interested in getting involved, please read our proposal below. We would also welcome any financial assistance you may be able to give, just click the donate button and Paypal’s secure website can take care of the transaction.

To assist other groups in implementing a charity garden project in their area, we are offering up our proposal to use for free. This is open source ecology at it’s best! We are currently registering as a Not-For-Profit Corporation in Ontario and we are also committing to reveal all of our future financial information on our website. This is in an effort to ensure complete transparency to those wishing to donate to our cause. Feel free to use our plan as inspiration or as a guide. Enjoy!

Andrew Miller

     Green Team Lawn Care

What makes them so green? As their website states, they donate 20 %  of their revenue as vegetables to local shelters & G.A.P. Food Bank, they encourage youth involvement, they use certified organic fertilizers. Their equipment is pollutant and emission-free ( Bicycles & Push Reel Mowers). They also offer window washing, handyman services and organic fertilizer! Check out their flyer below (click to view the website)


Green Machine Bike Courier Service

Green Machine bike courier offer bike courier services to Downtown Barrie and surrounding area. Just because they’re run on two wheels does not mean you have to sacrifice on quality, they offer a guarantee that your package will arrive by the specified time.

Click here to view  promotional deals and basic rates for Green Machine Bike Courier.

Bio-diesel Co-op

Back to Basics produces bio-diesel from recycled oils to minimize the impact on food production. After production bio-diesel can be used in your vehicle without having to modify the engine. This is a fantastic way to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.  To join the cooperative or learn more visit their website.

Social Housing

 Worth checking out as well,  Back to Basic’s proposal  for a social housing project that includes housing, food bank and community kitchen. It will be made with alternate materials (learn more about this at our Eco House Green Build). It will also be designed with sustainable energy.  To view the complete visionary proposal click here.

Join Andrew Miller at our Root of  the Idea Exchange June 12th at Ecofest Barrie! You can also read his guest post “The David Busby Street Centre”

For more information on Back to Basics, their services or to volunteer and get involved check out their website


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