Do Your Walls Breathe?

May 3, 2011 at 12:46 pm Leave a comment

Global challenges of climate change and excess CO2 in our atmosphere have made us aware of the benefits of plants on air quality.  A tropical rain forest is often referred to  as ‘lungs of the earth’, as the trees and plants help to filter so much carbon from the environment.

Not as well-known to our population is the fact that indoor air pollution is an increasingly becoming an issue as well. Many new air tight, energy-efficient  buildings, as well as older buildings, often do not consider indoor air quality.  According to a report by  The National Institute of Standards and Technology;

Well-established, serious health impacts resulting from poor IAQ include Legionnaires’ disease, lung cancer from radon exposure, and carbon monoxide poisoning. More widespread health impacts include increased allergy and asthma from exposure to indoor pollutants (particularly those associated with building dampness and mold), colds and other infectious diseases that are transmitted through the air (ASHRAE 2009), and “sick building syndrome” symptoms due to elevated indoor pollutant levels as well as other indoor environmental conditions (ASHRAE 2009).

written by A.K. Persily and S. Emmerich in 2010.

How can we deal with an issue like this?

Genetron Systems has a pretty great solution, have your walls breathe! Their premise is to create indoors what nature does best outdoors purifying and regenerating our living environment” .  Take a look at some of the beautiful walls they have created:

How do these ‘breathing walls’ work exactly?

Taken from, this sums it up basically how the wall works:

As you can see it is a very self-sufficient natural ecosystem at work.

The history of Genetron goes back to 1988 when Wolfgang Amelung, founder and owner, was granted Canadian and U.S. patent. Today, 23 years later, Genetron’s premium Green Wall as well as their outdoor Living Wall are gaining popularity. It isn’t just Canada that is recognizing the benefits of this air filtering and beautiful creation. I recently came across an article on Treehugger,Europe’s Largest and Newest Green Living Wall is in London, proving this is a fantastic way to get more green into our cities. For more information or to contact Wolfgang Amelung and Genetron systems visit or check him out at Ecofest Barrie June 11th &12th!


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