Are You Gonna Give It Up?

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Kyle at Earth Day Canada has committed to Give it Up for Earth Day. Here is what he has to say:

Earth Day Canada has recently launched a Give it up for Earth Day Campaign that is challenging
Canadians to commit to action this Earth Month and beyond. Participants can take part in the campaign
by committing to one or more of four actions: cutting out toxic cleaners from your home; eating a
vegetarian or vegan diet; buying nothing new; or turning off the TV. Participants can register their
pledges on and select a time commitment of one to four weeks.

I am one of Earth Day Canada’s resident campaign bloggers, sharing stories as I give up buying new
things for a full year. And here’s why.

People buy unnecessary things, a lot. Out with the old and in with the new is trending and causing more
waste than we’ve ever seen. So, I’ve decided to do my part and stop buying new things. What’s wrong
with ‘the old’ anyway? If it ain’t broke, don’t go out and buy another.

Also, the time has come in life, as I’m sure it does with many people, to take a good look at my finances.
Student debt doesn’t take care of itself. So I ask myself, what am I spending money on and why?

I spend a few bucks on the odd 6-pack here and there, groceries, take-out once or twice a week,
essential toiletries and the rest is spent on ‘stuff’. I’ll cut back on the beer, axe the weekly take-out and
take a better look at the ‘stuff’ I have been buying. None of it is really necessary and mostly impulsive
purchases. I bought a couple new dress shirts, but I already have six perfectly good ones. A new guitar,
but there was nothing wrong with my old one. An extra pair of sunglasses, well, just because. All of it

I’ve now come to realize that I’ve already got everything I need and more, so I need not buy anything
else. If I need something, I’ll borrow it. If they don’t have it, I’ll find another way. If there is no other
way, I’ll get it used. I’m taking a step back in a sense, inspired by the way my Grandparents lived; frugally
and happily with little impact on the Earth. It can be done!

Visit to commit to your actions today!

Kyle MacKenzie – Communications and Social Media at Earth Day Canada

Kyle is a bearded, guitar playing cyclist working for Earth Day Canada and living the simple life
downtown Toronto. Every day he sees people buying things, excessive things, and shakes his head. He
believes such consumption is unnecessary, and has stashed away credit cards, banks cards and cold hard
cash to give up buying new things. He will beg, borrow and… wheel and deal when in need.

Follow Kyle on his journey through nothing new-ness @ Earth Day Canada,check out his latest blog post on getting his iphone smashed….


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