How Rain Gardens Can Make Things More Eco

March 16, 2011 at 3:01 pm Leave a comment

Would you consider yourself a gardener, outdoor enthusiast or environmentalist?

If you answered yes to any of these, a rain garden may be something to consider this Spring. A Rain Garden  takes into consideration rainwater (and melted snow) run off from places like your roof, walkways and driveway. Rain Gardens take advantage of this water supply that would otherwise end up flowing to the road and eventually a storm sewer system.

Why is it  environmentally friendly to use this water for a rain garden?

  • Most of the time the rain water run off will pick up pollutants such as pesticides, animals wastes, oils or road salt before continuing on its journey to a body of water. As you can imagine pollutants + body of water = poor water quality and a poor living environment.
  • The soil acts as a kind of filter, so when the water eventually reaches that body of water it will be cleansed of some pollutants.
  • If you are not utilizing a rain garden, and you do have a garden, chances are you are watering it with tap water. Why not use what is already there, and save a little?

photo by Seuss on Flickr


A few more pointers on Planning your Rain Garden

  • The best time to build and plant  a rain garden, if you are working with potted plants or plugs is mid-spring.  At this time of year, after the thaw, soil is easier to work with and not as dry as it will be in the Summer months.
  • Though it is advised to use well rooted plants as they hold on to the wet soil better, if you are seeding your garden you also have the option of planting it in late fall.
  • When choosing species for your rain garden, it is a good idea to use native plants that can withstand periods of dry weather.
  • A great article by CMHC  to check out: Rain Gardens Improve Stormwater Management in Your Yard
  • A few more one by the EPA  on their Experimental Rain Garden and one by URI Master Gardeners Rain Gardens

Remember to check out our youtube channel for a great  Rain Water video.


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